My favorite place…

Welcome to my sewing room…


my work table and pink :) peg board…


my fabric…


my machines…


my cubbies filled with all my goodies :)…


ribbons and trims…


the kids craft table…


I wanted to show you some pictures because my sewing room was actually clean!  I’m usually a pretty organized person but for some reason this room is always a mess!  Messy or not…this is my favorite room in my house.  I love when I actually have some time to spend in there and I love that my kids have a place to be creative in there with me.  I also love that my awesome husband let me take over the space that was supposed to be his office…I love you honey!:)

While we are on the topic of sewing I wanted to let you know about a place where you can find some amazing handmade children’s clothing.  My mother in law, who truly is the reason why I sew…she bought me my first machine and has endured countless questions from me about sewing, has her own website!  Beautiful, custom made kids clothes and accessories…take a look!:)

Have a great week!



4 thoughts on “My favorite place…

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Now I have a place to picture you. I checked out the website. Beautiful clothes on beautiful kids!!

  2. Jenn…what a beautiful room to create in! I love those dress forms!! And where did you find the PINK board with the holes (I forgot what it’s called!!)? Now I need to go clean my room!!

  3. Jenn-
    LOVE IT! You’ve done a lot to it since I saw it last. I look forward to catching up soon and sharing our latest projects! :)

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