the business of being a mom…

…is sometimes hard, dissapointing, a little heartbreaking. It’s hard to watch your child make a bad choice and then have to suffer the consequences. Unfortunately I know this won’t be the last time…I know a bad choice will be made again and another consequence will be suffered…I’m just praying that inspite of my own imperfections and because of the Lord’s grace and mercy…the words of correction spoken yesterday were taken to heart.

Being a mom has taught me so much about how the Lord feels about me…He loves me enough to discipline me…His heart breaks when I make a bad choice…He compassionately forgives and gives me a fresh start. I pray that I can always follow the example of my heavenly Father…

“…He gently leads those that have young.” Isaiah 40:11



2 thoughts on “the business of being a mom…

  1. Very true! I know I can think back to all the horrible decisions I made and I can’t imagine how my parents fealt. I think that is was scares me the most. I know my children will make some of the same mistakes I did and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

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