3 blessings…

Lindsey, Katie, and Emily…3 dear friends (Linds is my sister in law too:) who came and spent the last 4 days with me. What a tremendous blessing it was to have them here. I knew that I missed them, I just didn’t know how much! Such precious friends that are also dear sisters in Christ. We laughed, we shopped, we ate, we drank coffee (lots of coffee:), and the days just went too fast!

I have to be honest…after they left today I shed some tears. However, they were not all tears of sadness they were also tears of joy and gratitude that the Lord brought these 3 precious women into my life. They have been such an incredible source of encouragement to me and I love them each so much. This weekend was truly a gift…Thank you Lord.


2 thoughts on “3 blessings…

  1. You knew I would be reading! I had a blessed time with you too. Thank you for being such an amazing host and for all the catching up we got to do. You are a dear, dear friend and I guess I can’t even really put into words how special you are and this last weekend was. See you this summer! I am looking forward to introducing you to my son!

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