that is the word to describe me for getting up at 4:15am on Friday morning to go shopping!  The lengths I will go for my children and for a good deal!:)  Here is how my morning unfolded…

first destination: Wal-Mart

targets:  1 talking Lightning McQueen for $10 (50% off), and 3 pairs of disney pajamas…only $5 each!

time of arrival:  4:40am

**upon entering Wal-Mart at 4:40am I found large crowds of people hovering around pallets of shrink wrapped toys…at 5:00am on the dot Wal-Mart employees cut through the shrink wrap…let the madness begin! 

mission accomplished:  partially…I got the pajamas, but there were only 8 Lightning McQueens, so unless I was willing to risk physical harm there was no way I was getting one!

time of departure:  5:13am

second destination:  Toys R Us

target:  a playstation 2 that came with 3 free games ($60 savings!)

time of arrival:  5:25 am

**upon entering Toys R Us I headed straight for the electronics department and asked one of the employees what their stock of playstation 2’s looked like…”no problem miss…we have plenty”…”awesome..I was also wondering about the 3 free games…do they have to be the one’s pictured in the ad because those are too mature for my son?”…”no problem..we are actually out of those games so you can pick any 3 games $19.99 or less to substitute”…”awesome…and then do I have to get in line in this department?”….”yes, all electronics have to be paid for here.”  I go and pick out my 3 games and get in line…3 HOURS LATER…I finally make it to the cash register…”yes, I would like a playstation 2 and here are the 3 games I picked out”…”I’m sorry miss, but you can’t just pick any three games that you want, they have to be from this list of 5 games”…”WHAT…I HAVE BEEN STANDING IN LINE FOR 3 HOURS BECAUSE I WAS TOLD THAT I COULD PICK OUT ANY 3 GAMES 19.99 OR LESS!”…”I’m so sorry but that was wrong information…blah, blah,blah, blah…

mission accomplished:  partially…I walked out of there with a playstation 2 and 1 free game and I will be writing a letter to the district manager.  I’m getting mad all over again just thinking about it.

time of departure: 8:35am

I told you I was insane…I think next year I’m just going to sleep in.  Anyone else have a case of insanity??



4 thoughts on “insane…

  1. You are crazy! I bet your blood started to boil when they said you could not get the games. Yikes–three hours is a long time. Your story reminds me of another…my sister-in-law was returning gifts the day after Christmas with her two boys. They were “acting up” as she waited and waited in a LONG line. By the end, her youngest boy was behind her yelling, “I have to go to the bathroom!!!” She turned aroudn to find him on the floor, pants and underwear all the way off. Can you imagine! You’ve got to love stories that will make you laugh in a couple years!

  2. You are a trooper, Jenn! Take me with you next year, so we can weather the crazies together! I still can’t believe that guy behind the counter was such a stickler. I’d love to read that letter!

  3. I wanted to go shopping but Sam is always otherwise engaged on the morning after Thanksgiving so I didn’t get to go this year. I did go the night before Thanksgiving and got lots of the same deals but it just wasn’t the same as getting up extra early, in the dark with all the other crazies! :-) What did you do in line, for three hours? Hopefully you had your phone so you could call or text someone!!

  4. we did it too. i had a wonderful experience–no crowding, pushing or yelling. very friendly people, no lines, everything i was looking for, plus extras (i wasn’t planning on the $5 pjs but we got dora and diego ones.)

    bill on the other hand had a horrible experience (we split up to divide and conquer). he got one small thing, waited in a horribly long line, unhelpful and unfriendly people around . . . he says he will never do it again. poor guy.

    the things we do for our kids!

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