…for a loving husband who puts up with my many quirks and actually says that they are endearing to him:)

…for my oldest child, Jackson… a sensitive thinker who loves to learn and whose day is made when he gets even just a little one on one time:)

…for my daughter, Mackenzie… a kind, nurturing “little mommy” who much to the delight of her mommy loves bows, pretty clothes and making crafts:)

…for my baby, Tucker…ALL BOY… who loves to alternate between playing captain hook, peter pan, ninja turtles and then take a break and snuggle with mommy:)

…for my Mom and Dad…who left their home of 55 years and moved just 15 minutes away and now we have the joy of seeing them whenever we want:)

…for Galen’s Mom and Dad…the best in-laws a girl could ever be blessed with…from day one they have treated me like one of their own:)

…for my 3 brothers…for still loving me even after having to endure a childhood where I felt it was my duty to be their second mom whether they liked it or not:)

…for my 6 sister in laws and 5 brother in laws…family that I am honored to also call friends.

…for old friends and new friends…you are a blessing:)

…for a merciful God whose deep love is beyond description…I love you Father

What are you thankful for?  I’d love to know…



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