Never a dull moment…

So, the family pictures I told you about in the last post…well this is what Mackenzie’s face looks like right now…

black eyed Mack

Like I said never a dull moment!! She was running through the kitchen, tripped and hit her head on the tile. Who knew that bruising on the forehead could travel down to her eyes?? All I know is that I am praising God for the inventor of photoshop software…I emailed the photographer and she said that with a little makeup and a little editing we should be okay.:) Hallelujah!
I’m thinking about wrapping the kids in bubble wrap until our pictures on Saturday…what do you think??


4 thoughts on “Never a dull moment…

  1. Hi Jenn! It’s Jodi (Swanstrom). I was asking Donelle about you and was wondering how big your kids were and she mentioned that I could see pictures of your kids on your blog. Your kids are so cute, even with the black eyes! Mackenzie looks so much like you and I love her little dimples! David and I have two little boys (Linus is 2 and Sebastian is 5 months) and are loving every minute of it. It’s an amazing thing to be a parent and now I understand sooo much more about my parents! ;) I’m glad to see that you’re doing well! Love, Jodi

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