Tucker’s World

“My mommy is upstairs cleaning and organizing. What will she do when she’s done? I would hate for her to have to just sit down and relax. She would be so bored.
I know…
I’ll take out every single board game we own and dump out all the pieces! I’m such a helpful little boy…I love my mommy so much!!”


games 2

I’m choosing to “drink joy” right? “Thank you Tuckie…I had been wanting to verify that all of the games had ALL of their pieces.”



5 thoughts on “Tucker’s World

  1. Oh my goodness, you had one of those moments that make you want to pull your hair out…but how can you resist that smile?

    Life would be so boring without all that, wouldn’t it?

    It sure makes me feel like it’s been too long since we’ve seen you all!

  2. I remember those days of always picking up after everyone and trying to always have the house look really good. Well, now i’m 61,the grandkids stayed over Sat nite and the guest room is still a mess, toys everywhere, beds unmade, etc and who cares? Not me or Mel and i wish i would have had that attitude 35 yrs ago.

  3. Jenn-
    Thanks for sharing this. what cute kids. It’s nice to read a blog that are about things I can relate to! Justin has a blog for rock stuff and it’s not quite the same! We were so happy to see and meet 2 of your kiddos for the first time when you dropped by this summer. What a gift to us. Fun to see you at the wedding too. I forgot to tell you that Carson kept calling Andrew’s wedding Jackson’s wedding! The things they come up with!
    I only wish we lived closer. Thanks again for sharing-
    Love, Christy

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